Charting new paths to superior medicines

Iambic’s cutting-edge AI-driven platform tackles the most challenging design problems in drug discovery, addressing unmet patient need.

Optimized medicines for optimized profiles

Our physics-based AI algorithms drive a high-throughput experimental platform, converting new molecular designs to new biological insights each week.

Optimizing target product profiles

Exploring multiple profiles in parallel ensures that we design molecules to solve the right problems in disease biology

Optimizing drug candidates

Our AI-driven platform deeply explores chemical space, revealing novel mechanisms of action and delivering diverse high-quality leads


Accurate and data-efficient physics-based AI technologies that span from early-stage discovery to the clinic


AI-driven, high-throughput experimentation to go from new molecular designs to new biological data each week


A proprietary pipeline of differentiated clinical candidates delivered at a pace years faster than the industry standard

Platform-driven pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class programs

We are unlocking the untapped potential of known targets and transforming seemingly undruggable targets into opportunities for breakthrough treatments.


1000x selectivity and brain penetrance to unlock the therapeutic potential of the target for metastatic disease with IND submission in 2023


First-in-class CDK2/4 profile to address cyclin D and cyclin E driven cancers while avoiding off-target dose-limiting toxicities

Novel target classes and mechanisms of action

Programs focusing on cryptic pockets, allostery, and protein-protein interactions, spanning multiple therapeutic areas