Chao Zhang joins Iambic as Chief Scientific Officer

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July 5, 2022

SAN DIEGO, CA – Entos, Inc., the creator of a cutting-edge platform combining AI-driven technology and high-throughput (HT) experimentation to design small-molecule oncology therapeutics, announces the appointment of veteran biotech executive Chao Zhang, Ph.D. as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

Chao Zhang served as Chief Executive Officer of Plexxikon since 2021, having previously served as CSO and Head of Research.  He brings an extensive track record leading multi-disciplinary teams to discover and develop breakthrough medicines, advancing 14 NCEs into clinical development, including 2 market approvals to date: Zelboraf®/vemurafenib and Turalio®/pexidartinib. Zhang’s expertise ranges across oncology, immunology, and rare diseases.  Adept at leveraging novel platform technologies, he has created differentiated therapies and managed extensive drug-development portfolios to maximize competitive advantage, yielding over 40 issued patents.

“Chao Zhang’s recruitment heralds the transition of Entos from a discovery-stage to a clinical-stage AI-driven biotech. His leadership is perfectly aligned with the Entos mission of creating better technology to develop drugs.”

- Tom Miller, Ph.D., Entos Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chao Zhang joins the 65-strong Entos team at its headquarters in La Jolla, CA on July 5th. He will lead a world-class drug-discovery executive team with Heads of Business Development (Mary Anderson), Chemistry (Laurent Gomez), Biology (John Huang), Analytical Technologies (Hui Zhang), HT Operations (Jose Quiroz), and Preclinical Development (Ali Tabatabei), each of whom bring decades of industry experience.  Under Zhang’s leadership, Entos will advance and expand its oncology-focused pipeline of drug programs, as well as extending the differentiation of its AI-driven HT experimentation platform.

“The addition of Chao Zhang marks a critical inflection point in the Entos trajectory. We couldn’t be more excited about building the next phase of Entos together with Chao.”

- Fred Manby, Ph.D., Entos Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer,

About Entos

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Entos is disrupting drug discovery with its cutting-edge platform that uses AI-driven high-throughput experimentation to rapidly develop small-molecule therapeutics. The Entos team is comprised of renowned scientists and engineers with world-class expertise in machine learning, medicinal chemistry, high-throughput experimentation, and drug discovery. Learn more about Entos's industry-revolutionizing platform at

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